Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Whole New Smile

One fine morning, we received an email from a lovely couple living in Perth, Australia. Juliana, had wrote to us inquiring about our dental centre and was keen on getting some dental work done. She was interested in getting her upper front teeth treated as they were yellow, chipped and started to show gaps between them. She expressed her desire that she wanted to get herself a nice set of natural looking teeth that would return her smile to how it was 10 years ago. Understanding her needs were important as she was about to embark a 5 hour journey up to Malaysia just to get her teeth done. She had sent us a couple of pictures to show me how her smile looked like.

We understood her need to get her teeth fixed almost immediately

Juliana arrived in Malaysia the following month. She was excited as she was really looking forward to her brand new set of teeth. We were very happy to meet her and her husband. We carried out a thorough check up for Juliana and inquired about her expectations as we wanted to Deliver What She Wanted. Judging from the condition of her teeth and from the her dental history, Juliana had undergone multiple cosmetic treatment for her upper anterior teeth. She was never truly satisfied with the results and was seeking for a permanent solution. So we assembled our cosmetic team together with our German technician to start our dental odyssey in getting Juliana the smile she needed.

We... had work to do!

Our team started doing the necessary ground work of digital records and radiographic examination to determine the health status of her dentition. Juliana needed 3 root canal treatment followed by 10 Zicornia crowns designed by our very best German technician. Her treatment was done is stages, to reduce her chair side time and also to allow proper healing in between her dental visits. 

Finally, her crowns had arrived and was ready for installation. She was amazed by the natural architecture of the Zicornia crowns, designed to give her a natural smile. These crowns are made from Zicornia core, finished with Noritake porcelain and finally glazed to perfection.

The final results were stunning. Juliana was really happy with her new set of teeth that had changed her smile, moreover her husband couldn't stop complementing her and was really pleased with the crowns. 

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