Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Plastic Man

Have you accidently ever bitten on a small piece of stone, or plastic while chewing on your delicious meal? Its like a jolt of pain shooting to your head, blowing your brains apart!! Now imagine biting through this piece of plastic everyday for 25 years. Can you bare the discomfort of chewing your meals with a heavy piece of acrylic for your breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper??  The answer is = DREADFUL ! 

Mr. Akram has been trying to get comfortable with his upper dentures for at least 25 years now. He has literally celebrated a silver jubilee of 25 years of horror, trying to eat and chew through that heavy piece of acrylic! Mr. Akram didn’t have the best options for treating his teeth when he was very young due to unethical decisions made by his previous dentist. He had lost most of his upper teeth as a result of extraction.

Dentures had been his only option to replace his missing teeth back then. Ever since, he had to suffer to learn how to eat using a set of false teeth, with his tongue constantly in contact with the acrylic on his upper palate. He couldn’t taste his food, since his tongue does not touch his palate ( the upper part of the mouth ). His speech was affected, where he had to learn to speak and pronounce words clearly with the presence of the denture. Overtime, the denture got loose once the bone started to resorb. This occurs as a result of loosing teeth over a period of time, as the bone around the extracted tooth socket tends to resorb due to absence of the tooth. This causes a change to the anatomy of the gum and mouth resulting in reduced support to the denture. It is a series of unfortunate events that a denture wearer has to live with, not forgetting the fact that they will have to remove their dentures at night before their sleep.


Mr. Akram had decided to end his tourment. He paid us a visit, seeking advice on his dental dilemma. He was keen on getting rid of the denture for once and for all.  He asked for some professional advice, and we started analyzing his case. We ran a full dental examination on him, observing his smlie line, width of mouth opening and his facial profile.


We had then begin our cosmetic treatment for Mr. Akram. We planned an upper Zicornia bridge for him, mimicking his original teeth shape, size and profile as much as possible. Within 2 weeks, his new bridge had arrived. It looked like a set of polished diamonds, ready to be installed.


The bridge was inserted into his mouth. It was a MATCH ! The color, texture and fitting was perfect, and Mr. Akram was overwhelmed. He was very happy with his new prosthesis. He had now a new set of teeth, feeling like brand new ones.


Mr. Akram was satisfied with his new set of teeth. They were better, stronger, whiter and much lighter than his previous denture. He was able to speak comfortably, smile confidently, and above all, he could now TASTE HIS FOOD! What a relief … no more plastic tastes, no more rocks to bite from !! With his new Zicornia bridge, he was able to appreciate his food better… say Good Bye to plastic roof!




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