Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Sweet 16 Smile...

Jennifer, a 40 year old beautiful woman works in a reputed university in Kuala Lumpur. She lectures in  Human Psychology, speaks 7 different languages and specializes in Sociology. Having to face almost 200 students a day, her outlook consciousness begun to rise. DAY AFTER DAY she looked at her smile and realize she needed to do something about it. WHY exactly ? Here is why...

Jennifer was desperate to get her teeth done up. Her self esteem started to get affected, while she was finding hard to smile confidently. He next step was to search form a cosmetic dentist to seek advice on how to fix her problem. She visited MalaysiaCosmeticDentist, and called in to make an appointment.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, she walks in for the 1st time to get her teeth checked. We had a long talk about what she worked as, what were her problems and how they affected her lifestyle. She addressed all her dental issues, as we LISTENED carefully and patiently. At the end of the conversation, we finally decided to take a closer look into her dilemma and a detailed picture of her mouth. She had some moderate crowding of her upper teeth, where her lateral incisors were sticking out prominently, giving her a cold sharp look whenever she smiled.

It is said that Sometimes... Small changes gives great results! In her case, it was just a matter of correcting her crowded teeth and changing the angulation. A set of 4 Zicornia crowns were made for her upper front teeth, setting it straight and white. Together with some minor gum treatment
( Gingivoplasty ) the results were stunning and the patient loved it ! We had custom made the crowns according to what Jennifer wanted. Together with Mr. Marten; German technician, we constructed beautiful strong crowns for our patient and engineered it as how she wanted, as in the color texture and the length of the tooth.

She now parades happily with her new set of teeth. She has put behind her days of sorrow for a new tomorrow, and she is a happy woman now!

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  1. I love prominent lateral incisors. Women with this smile are gorgeous. Why would she change it?? Her smile was so attractive