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Everyone is conscious about their appearance. Everyday, we are becoming more aware of our outlook. Beauty takes form in different ways in an individual, it is accentuated in multiple ways in some people. Some have a good smile, while others have a beautiful face. Fortunately we have the technology these days that enables us to make a change to our appearance. When I say make a change, I’m not talking about beauty makeovers and facial reconstruction surgeries. I am referring to smile enhancement procedures that could make a huge difference to a persons outlook. Why? How? …

Allow me to explain. One of the most prominent change in a persons look is their smile. A beautiful smile, is a desire deep  inside everyone’s heart... Enhance your smile, enhance your looks. Colgate came up with a very ingenious idea. I’m sure most of us would agree on this picture below on How Important A Good Smile Is, and its influence. 
These pictures below are the courtesy of Colgate.


                        NOTICE ANYTHING OBVIOUS ???

Im sure most of us will notice that in all 3 pictures, the guys had some deformity on their teeth. Be it food, gap between teeth or a discolored tooth, it STANDS OUT immediately. Now...

In the 1st picture, the lady has more than five fingers on her left hand. In the 2nd picture, there is a phantom arm sitting on the guys left shoulder while in the 3rd picture, the poor guy has one missing ear! Wasn't all of these physical defect obvious?? Well OF COURSE they are, they just didnt stand out obvious enough! 

Clearly it proves that dental defects catches ones attention drastically. Food stuck between teeth, disfigured tooth or poorly maintained teeth when smiling draws more attention than any physical defect. All that is needed to be done is simply removing, or rectifying the defect. A small and simple repair is all that it needs, which could totally change the scenario in this case! 

Conclusion??? Sometimes a small change is all that is needed to produce a big result. Now how hard is it to alter ones smile? Simple cosmetic procedures is all it takes to enhance one’s smile. And today, everyone can own a smile they want. What is so DYNAMIC about a good smile? Well let me tell you, that there are many of us hidden among this huge society who have a complex against cameras, meeting people, and even talking to people of the opposite gender. A poor set of teeth, congenitally or developmental, either discolored, maligned, disfigured, missing or broken, could have a huge impact on a persons social life. The inability to SMILE, TALK confidently or get into CLOSE PROXIMITY with someone could lead to some people being antisocial, feeling shy and having a lack of confidence. Some avoid cameras, while some others end up smiling awkwardly in pictures. The very same people who are suffering from these problems have showed great improvements and complete transformations from who they were after a smile designing procedure. Now if it works for these people and brings an advantage to them, then EVERYONE deserves a chance to enhance their smile – and be a winner! I will introduce a method of smile enhancement that is Minimally Invasive, Simple, Safe… and results = STUNNING! With this procedure, “almost” anything is achievable !

The world of dentistry is changing rapidly, aesthetics can be achieved easily with the use proper techniques and materials. One of the most aesthetic and easiest methods to do this, is by the use of Veneers. Veneers are laminates that are placed over the labial surface of the tooth. It is like a porcelain blanket covering the tooth, wrapped on the outer surface completely and partially on the inner surface. A veneer is able to change the color,
texture, morphology, length and width of a tooth. It serves as a strong concrete like layer protecting the tooth, similar to how tiles function.

  Veneers can alter the alignment of our teeth to a certain degree. Moderate to mildly malaligned teeth can usually be corrected with veneers, provided a good treatment plan was done. With the use of high end ceramic; Noritake porcelain, veneers creates a beautiful glowing tooth surface that helps resist stain and plaque accumulation. It not only serves aesthetically, but also restores function in maintaining good oral hygiene when it comes to brushing. A properly designed veneer allows food particles that usually gets lodged between teeth to get washed off easily. This may even serve those who naturally have gaps between their teeth, uneven teeth or chipped tooth surface. Lets paint some pictures here for you to understand.

a happy smile …

Another case of a 30 year old Chinese male who always had yellow teeth filled with stains no matter how   
much he brushed, and no matter how much he scaled. He was unhappy about his appearance.

A doctor walked in to our clinic one day, having a terrible dental condition. Due to negligence, she had 
suffered from eroded and attrited teeth over the years. We worked on her teeth, raising her bite and 
protecting her teeth with help of some crowns and veneers.

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